Found a vaccine for theft of watches!
A revolutionary invention has been patented in Switzerland - Watch with combination lock protection. The Technology will eradicate thefts of watches just as a vaccine protects against diseases.

This new feature for wristwatches makes the owner of the watch an exclusive user! No one who has taken possession of this masterpiece illegally will be able to enjoy it. In the hands of a stranger, the mechanism will cease functioning.
This innovation can be used both in new models and embedded in classic designs without changing aesthetic, function, or feel.
Everything works as before the timepiece accurately measures every second and gives you aesthetic pleasure you’ve always loved. But when you need to wind the timepiece, the user code is required. Those who do not know it will not be able to wind up the Watch, rendering it useless.

The combination lock blocks the setting/winding mechanism and prevents the case cover removal. Any user who attempts to break the lock will subject integral parts of the watch to damage, instantly diminishing its value. Even trying to guess the code with more than 100 million possible combinations would take more than 10 years of continuous attempts.

Katya Hills, managing director of Watch Register, said in an interview with The Financial Times that they register more than 10,000 stolen watches a year. And this is only what is recorded. Even according to an average estimate, it exceeds $100 million a year in losses, our with your losses, and how much is not registered?
On February 5, 2020 Denis Gladkov, an enthusiast from Portugal and champion of priceless timepieces, created an easy solution, whose mission is to eradicate the theft of such priceless treasures. After more than a year of modeling and patenting, the first prototype can now be seen on

This innovation will truly become a safeguard against watch theft just as a vaccine protects against diseases. Once this watch complication becomes into every timepieces, just as every people get a vaccine against disease, thefts will be just an annoying exception, because every thief will know that it is pointless to steal a watch. In addition to thieves, the life of gray dealers and manufacturers of counterfeit goods will be worse, because the technology allows you to organize a process when only the manufacturer or an official dealer can provide the primary code. Thereby confirming the originality of the product.
While this day might seem far into the future, the goal today is to give confidence to owners of these priceless timepieces that only they are exclusive users. It is coming soon on your wrist.
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